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Unique, handcrafted terrariums



Already having an interest in houseplants and gardening, my mum one day gifted me with a very large vintage carboy she'd had for years suggesting I use it to create a bottle garden. When I eventually got around to the project a few weeks later, I was hooked. Fascinated at how the plants seemingly without fresh air trapped inside a bottle, could thrive and grow. And it didn't stop there, as more and more jars gathered in my home I was running out of space!


After gifting my terrariums to family and friends it became very clear that they weren't just fascinating to me, but to anyone who laid eyes on them. With the support and encouragement of loved ones, I decided to advertise on my local online noticeboard in Cookham, Berkshire. And well, let's just say things got busy very quickly!


I have since had the opportunity to create terrariums for lots of lovely people and many an occasion. Birthday gifts for young and old, for him or her, house warming gifts, the list goes on. Terrariums really are magical and a joy to make, and they never fail to create interest and raise a smile.

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ficus terrarium glass garden live plants

What is a terrarium?

These magical and fascinating gardens in glass were discovered by botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842, purely by chance.


Ward's discovery allowed the plants inside a variety of sealed containers to thrive away from the heavily polluted London air. Originally named 'Wardian Cases' they became hugely popular and could be found in many Victorian homes.


His creation allowed a mini-ecosystem to flourish inside glass, benefitting from a controlled level of humidity and protection from the polluted air outside. Ward’s son and successor called them a “climate within a climate, a little world within a world.”


Making a come back in the 70's and now today, they make unique and beautiful gifts and are a real talking point in the home. Made with just the right balance of soil, humidity and plants, a terrarium can exist virtually untouched for many months, and quite often years.

view inside terrarium glass garden live plants


Whilst I dream of doing nothing but creating beautiful terrariums, I also have a full time job so please bear with me, I always try to respond to enquiries within a day or two.

Thank you for your enquiry

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